We work from the inside out to uncover the hidden architecture of opinion – the essential values and attitudes that shape people’s decision frames. We specialize in creating the strategy and language that connects with them to drive the action you want to get the results you’re after.

When to Call Us


Brand Battles

You’re an industry leader trying to defend your position, an emerging brand making inroads, or a disruptor shaking up the marketplace and need a strategy to compete to win.


Corporate Reputation & Trust   

You want your company story to be powerful and meaningful to establish trust, protect yourself against future harm, and enhance your overall reputation.


Communications & Messaging Optimization

You need a better way to tell your story and connect it with your audience’s values.


Issue & Crisis Management

Whether you see a crisis coming or it hits you by surprise, you need to get ahead of it as quickly as possible.


Policies & Regulations Engagement

When policies and regulations impact your business, and you need to make your case to policy makers, consumers and influencers.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Your company is combining forces with another and you need to manage investors, customers, and employees to leverage the best of both brands to build a new one.


Market Entry Strategy

You are entering new markets and need to know the right way to position yourself for growth using the right messaging, hitting the right values for the right audiences.


US Politics

From local campaigns to national elections, we relentlessly pursue the right answer, developing winning strategies for our candidates to become the only answer on Election Day.


Product Launches

You’re launching a new product and need to optimize your selling point by connecting with the attitudes and values of consumers.


Dynamic Tracking

You need to track your KPIs over time, but a scorecard is not enough - you need to know the why’s behind your performance.


Customer Journey Mapping

Neither consumer loyalty or decision making are linear anymore so you need to communicate with the right messages as their lives and values shift-- even slightly.


International Politics

We have become trusted advisors to eleven international heads of state by developing winning campaigns and providing strategic counsel to their governments.

Our Approach

We push beyond insights to drive actions that get the results you're after.

Work From The
Inside Out

  • Do opposition research on yourself:
  • Assess the competitive environment
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Ask 'why' (the 'why' in the data is more important than the 'what')
  • Discover potential vulnerabilities

Uncover the Hidden Architecture of Opinion

  • Rigorous testing to:
  • ID the intensely held essential values and attitudes
  • Resolve conflicting values and attitudes
  • Isolate the values and attitudes that shape their decision frame
  • Create the strategy (and language) that connects with them


  • Identify the competition and plot where you stand in relation to where your competitors stand:
  • Comparative advantages vs. comparative disadvantages
  • Play to your strengths, inoculate against your weaknesses
  • Define winning on your terms

Strategies That
Get Results

  • Turn insights into game changing strategies to:
  • Define what 'winning' looks like
  • Control the context
  • Set or raise the stakes
  • Frame the essential question so that your brand is the only answer.

Core Techniques

  • Ethno-Journaling
  • Values-Based Segmentation
  • Landscaping Polls
  • Framing Polls
  • Iterative Message Testing
  • Attack-Response
  • War Gaming
  • Fault Line Analysis
  • Issue Polls

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