We understand the profound impact that people’s deeply held values have on the choices they make and the way they behave. Our business is based on being able to use those values to shape communications that allow our clients to succeed.

So we take our own values quite seriously.  Three such values define our interactions with each other and with our clients:

1. Integrity and Ethics Come First

  • · We keep our promises, we do what we say we will, and we base our positions on facts and analysis.

2. Never Stop the Relentless Pursuit of the Right Answer

  • · We assume nothing, always ask questions, and tirelessly pursue the answers to those questions.

3. Respect Encourages Others to Learn and be Challenged

  • · To learn, we need to challenge each other and our clients. Respect creates the environment that allows that to happen.

These three core values inspire Benenson Strategy Group to deliver on our vision: to shape the future by turning insight into game-changing strategy.