Ben Weinberg


Ben Weinberg is a senior analyst at BSG, where he has managed research for a wide range of clients in the corporate, political, and non-profit sectors, helping them develop reputational and communications strategies with a particular focus on driving civic and community engagement. In the advocacy world, Ben has managed research for campaigns pursuing electoral and legislative strategies to expand voting rights; for institutional and non-profit clients, he has conducted extensive research into the connections between identity and civic and community engagement, as well as into building support for and participation in government-led food waste and electronics recycling programs. Ben also has significant experience working with Jewish non-profit organizations, using research to develop transformative, cross-generational brand campaigns, and to create new paradigms for meaningful engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Born and raised in Texas, Ben graduated from Northwestern University, where he received his degree in political science, media studies, and integrated marketing communications.

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What are some causes you care about?

Voting rights and conservation—among many others.
What are you happiest doing?
Taking a hike (the mountain kind).