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Feng Ye


Feng is a talented and driven researcher with a passion for using data-driven insights to solve complex problems for clients. With a bachelor's degree in Anthropology and a master's degree in Social Science from the University of Chicago, Feng has developed a deep understanding of research methodologies and their application to real-world challenges.  

At BSG, she has leveraged her research expertise to design communication strategies for a wide range of corporate, institutional, and political clients. She is an integral part of BSG’s work with clients in the technology sector, including YouTube and Uber. She has also contributed to research focused on protecting reproductive rights, raising the minimum wage, and combating far-right extremism. 

Prior to joining BSG, she worked as a social scientist, conducting research on how language and narratives shape public opinion and brand image. Her research has focused on topics ranging from the impact of social media on social and political communication to the power of storytelling in forming brand identities and consumer emotions. Her expertise in these areas has helped her develop innovative research methodologies that deliver valuable market insights. 

In addition to her professional pursuits, Feng is an avid photographer. She loves capturing festivals, landscapes, and the intricate details of plants. Her passion for photography has helped her develop a keen eye for detail, which she applies to her research work. When she's not working or taking photographs, Feng can be found reading and translating novels. Her love of literature has taught her to appreciate the power of language and narratives, which she believes are the key to effective communication in any context. 

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