At Benenson Strategy Group we believe that for our clients to build winning long-term strategies it is crucial they not only understand their audience today but also what it will look like down the road. That is why we are working with our clients to help them understand the mindset of Generation Z: their values, their beliefs, and how they make decisions, so our clients are ready to meet the needs of this generation as they arise.



In addition to conducting a groundbreaking study looking at the contributors to young people’s mental wellness for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, we have worked on issues ranging from the way Gen Z consumes media, to the role technology plays in their lives, to the food they love to eat. Yes this generation, which has never known a world without the internet, is highly mobile and tech savvy, and any research among Gen Z audiences must examine the role technology plays in their lives. But too much of the conversation about Gen Z is focused on the tools they use to enhance their lives, and not enough has focused on the underlying attitudes and anxieties that really shape their choices. BSG’s approach is driven by our conviction that complex sets of values and conflicting attitudes drive decisions and is focused on uncovering the hidden architecture of opinion that determines Gen Z’s behaviors.