Nicole Fossier


An associate in BSG’s California office, Nicole prides herself on helping clients find new ways to talk to and engage communities where traditional messaging has missed the mark -- especially when it comes to women’s rights, fair elections, and economic reform. She’s helped candidates in tough local and congressional races build their brands, and worked with groups like EMILY’s List, Women’s Equality Center, and ACLU, weaving together creative qualitative and quantitative research techniques to build long-lasting issue narratives.

Before becoming a pollster, Nicole was using other types of data to understand and mobilize communities, first at a CRM software startup advising campaigns and nonprofits, and later managing national voter data for a presidential campaign as part of an innovative ‘distributed organizing’ model.

Born and raised in LA, Nicole is a UCLA Bruin with a degree in Psychology. She lives with her dog Pluto, who has a knack for sniffing out strategic insights.

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What do you do what you do?
Polling is one of the few ways for organizations, government, and political leaders to listen to people at scale - especially to those who don't have the biggest platforms or access to people in power. It is my obligation as a pollster to accurately represent what people at scale want and need and think because we are the gate-openers (as opposed to gate-keepers)
What are you happiest doing?