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BSG Answers the Question, “Is My Content Working?”

You have the message, you developed digital content and you have a distribution plan. But how do you know it is all working the way it is intended? Are the articles on your content hub positioning you as a trusted leader? Is your sponsored content educating your audience? Are your online videos effectively conveying your brand story?

Content marketing accounts for nearly 1/3 of marketing budgets today, yet organizations still have all these open questions around its impact.   

To fill this insight gap, BSG utilizes a solution called Dynamic Measure. Powered by Threadline Digital, Dynamic Measure is a component of BSG’s message and communication strategy development approach designed to ensure the desired message is reaching the desired target and having the desired impact. 

With so many variables at play that can affect communications, end to end insights are paramount. In our world, it doesn’t make sense to craft messaging using extensive consumer insights and leave our understanding of that message’s resonance and any optimization tactics to passive behavioral metrics.  

We utilize Dynamic Measure to break away from traditional digital effectiveness measurements such as impressions and click-throughs and provide our clients with a means to understand how their content made consumers think, feel, and view their brand.  It is only with this knowledge that clients can truly measure the holistic ROI of their investment and best adjust their digital assets.

Our starting point is goal-metric alignment. This is where most organizations fall down, defaulting to measurements that are easily attainable, instead of the ones that connect back to their objectives. With the message, goals, and intended audience as the foundation, we build a custom survey to gather feedback from both those who engaged with your content and a control group. We then analyze the results and identify how the content moved the needle and what consumers took away.

We have utilized this approach across a variety of initiatives, to measure content ranging from websites, to content hubs, to newsletters, to online video.

Dynamic Measure has also proved valuable in helping clients:

  • Measure the impact of lower-traffic content and obtain feedback from hard-to-reach audiences

  • Compare and contrast the effect of content by different audience segments, channels, and behavioral actions, such as engagement levels

  • Achieve a more in-depth understanding of the audience segments who are engaging with the content

As content marketing continues to grow, it’s increasingly relied on to carry the narrative, create connections and build relationships. And marketers can’t rely on behavioral metrics alone to connect the dots. More clarity and actionable intelligence are needed. Dynamic Measure was created to fill this insight gap and give marketers a way to tie together message intent, creative execution, and overall impact.


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