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BSG Launches New Research Approach to Capture “Local” Insights

While the coronavirus pandemic is a nation-wide crisis, it is clear the impact – and implications – of the pandemic are not universal across the country. How the pandemic has altered consumer attitudes and behaviors in one market are quite different than in another market. When and how markets “open up” will be unique as state and local officials institute different policies. And even within a market, different consumers will have differing attitudes and likely behaviors - just because a governor or local official says it’s OK to sit in a restaurant or shop at a local store doesn’t mean business will return back to normal overnight.

As companies prepare to operate in this new reality, they need to plan for and anticipate the behavior and needs of consumers on a market-by-market basis. Further, even within a market, consumers will be operating on different timetables as some will be eager to sit in a restaurant on day 1, while others will still want to stay away for quite a while. Marketers need to understand these differences and develop market-specific strategies accordingly. Today, it is more important than ever that they survey consumers – at an individual market level – to make local marketing decisions. But until now, obtaining data at a market level was typically cost prohibitive.

BSG is excited to announce a new proprietary SMS research methodology, allowing companies to conduct hundreds of interviews in relatively any geographic market (including some of the smaller and most precise geographic-specific markets in the country), at a fraction of the cost of traditional research approaches (typically just a few thousand dollars per market).


More about our new offering:

BSG’s SMS research is conducted on a peer-to-peer texting platform using probability-based sampling from a national list of adults in the U.S. It is not panel-based. Field agents individually hand-send text messages to all individuals in our sample, inviting them to participate in an online survey. This method is TCPA compliant.

The contact and response rates for BSG’s SMS research methodology exceed what is possible for other research methodologies.

  • We design all surveys to work on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

  • Our proprietary relationship with wireless carriers provides us information and feedback to maximize delivery of text messages.

  • Texting survey invites to respondents allows them to take surveys when it is convenient according to their own schedules.

By using probability sampling, we give all adults in the sample universe a known and equal chance to be selected to participate in our studies. To create our probability samples, we use systematic sampling to select every ‘nth’ participant from a list of adults in the United States. We then use commercial models to stratify the sample by age and gender to account for different response rates among these demographics.

For more information, contact Mitch Markel, BSG Partner, at or 646-573-0454.


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