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Meet the New Members of the BSG Team

BSG is excited to welcome a number of new individuals to the team - Alyssa Domash, Abby Kaufman, Alexander Merkert, Sarah Stellick Seepaulsingh, Julia Steeger and Rahul Thayil.

Alyssa Domash - Associate Alyssa is originally from Chicago and is now living in New York City (though her loyalty to deep dish pizza still holds). She studied Marketing at the University of Maryland and went into market research after graduating. She previously worked at Hall and Partners for two and half years and is excited to join the BSG team. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, running, watching reruns of Friends, and exploring the city.

Abby Kaufman - Human Resources/Operations Project Manager Abby was born and raised in Cleveland, OH, and remains a committed Browns fan despite their hardship over most of her lifetime. She holds a master's degree in Education from Harvard University, and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Michigan. Prior to joining BSG, Abby spent a decade working in the non-profit and education sectors where she was responsible for creating transformational experiences for youth, families, and employees. She comes to BSG with expertise in relationship development, strategic planning, talent acquisition and management, employee training, communications, operations, and community engagement. She lives in Denver with her family and is grateful for the mountains and sunshine.

Alexander Merkert – Analyst Prior to joining BSG, Alexander worked as an analyst at a public relations firm where he utilized polling data to inform strategic communications initiatives for political candidates, advocacy groups, and Fortune 500 companies. He conducted survey research that informed messaging priorities for the winning political campaigns of Senators John Hickenlooper and Mark Kelly as well as Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger and Mikie Sherrill. He also worked closely with the Education Trust during the COVID-19 pandemic to examine how differing socioeconomic and demographic factors were impacting parents and children in school relating to remote learning initiatives, with his research findings being featured in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Outside of work, Alexander is passionate about urban design and city planning. He is an accredited member of the Congress for New Urbanism and received a certification in New Urbanism from the University of Miami. Born and raised in San Diego, California, Alexander loves everything involving the outdoors and sunshine, and his favorite time of the year (surprise, surprise) is summer. He is also an avid traveler, having visited over 30 countries, and is looking forward to visiting many more.

Sarah Stellick Seepaulsingh - Senior Analyst Sarah was born and raised in Clearwater, FL where she grew up spending her time playing on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Her love for the marine environment led to an internship in a coral microbiology lab while working on her B.S. at the University of South Florida. Upon the completion of her undergraduate work, Sarah became a research assistant in a dolphin photo identification study with NOAA in Key West. After falling in love with marine mammal research, Sarah did her M.S. work at the University of South Carolina, which focused on using metagenomic analyses to examine the fungal and bacterial communities associated with the dolphin respiratory system. She went on to pursue her PhD at Fordham University and graduated with a degree in Biology/Biological Sciences and Forensic Microbiology. In her free time, she enjoys reading, doing puzzles (crosswords, jigsaw, etc.), and playing Zelda on her Switch.

Julia Steeger – Analyst Julia grew up in Boston and recently graduated from Skidmore College where she majored in Management and Business with a minor in Sociology. During her time at Skidmore, she managed the Skidmore-Saratoga Consulting Partnership (SSCP) which offers pro bono consulting to local companies. Additionally, she recently completed an independent research study analyzing how higher education has evolved, focusing on why students pursue business degrees and how liberal arts colleges can create more effective curriculums. Julia’s past industry exposure includes financial services, wholesale management, and public sector consulting. In addition, she loves following fashion trends and enjoys cooking.

Rahul Thayil - Analyst Rahul grew up in South East Asia and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Prior to joining BSG, he worked as a Research Associate for Bernstein & Associates where he focused on project evaluation for the UN Environment Programme. He received his M.A. from New York University in Politics in December 2020, and completed his thesis on evaluating growth of violent non-state actors and social media. In 2018, he received his B.S. from Emerson College where he majored in Political Communications, completing the Honors Programme, along with a minor in post-colonial studies. During his time at school, he was a Senator in Student Government, the Vice President of Emerson International, and worked as a research assistant for numerous professors. He enjoys spending his time rock climbing, running, cooking, and reading.


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