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New Polling Shows Overwhelming Support for Citizen-Led Ballot Initiatives

Strong majorities across the partisan spectrum support earned paid sick time and minimum wage.

LANSING – The Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan released a new poll today showing that voters continue to overwhelmingly support the paid sick time and minimum wage initiatives passed into law in September. The data also showed that legislators who gutted these new laws are viewed much less favorably by the public. The survey was conducted by the Benenson Strategy Group.

“It’s no surprise that legislators who pulled a bait and switch to gut these popular initiatives also suffered a major loss of support among the public who overwhelmingly support earned paid sick time and a minimum wage increase,” said DeWayne Wells, Executive Director of the Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan. “For the people of Michigan this is personal, not politics. They were very clear that they want Michigan to grow in a way that benefits them, not just the special interests.”

Below are key points from the Benenson Group:

  • Voters overwhelmingly support paid sick leave and minimum wage policies. 84% of Michigan voters support the paid sick leave initiative and 77% of voters support the minimum wage increase.

  • The Republican support for these two initiatives is significantly high. 80% of Republicans support the paid sick law gutted by their Republican leaders. A majority of 58% of Republicans support an increased minimum wage.

  • 74% of voters would be less favorable to a legislator who decided to change their vote and repeal the paid sick leave, including 71% for independents and 66% for Republicans.

  • 71% of Independents would be less favorable to a legislator who changed their vote and cut minimum wage, 55% of Republicans would be less favorable to a legislator who changed their vote to cut minimum wage.

The most significant finding of this study is that these policies have high and broad support that has cut across partisan subgroups and differences. Republicans, Democrats and Independents all overwhelmingly support earned paid sick time and an increased minimum wage because they are common sense policies that help Michigan families get ahead.


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