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Sarah Stellick Seepaulsingh


Sarah Stellick Seepaulsingh is a research mananger based in BSG’s NYC office. She has a passion for solving problems through quantitative analysis and, prior to joining BSG, Sarah worked for over a decade as a research scientist. Her unconventional background affords her a unique perspective in how she approaches market research. Sarah’s past projects include an examination of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin respiratory microbiome, as well as a photo-identification study and an immunogenetics policy-advisement study on franciscana dolphins in Argentina. After giving up marine mammals for forensics, Sarah conducted a study on the postmortem skin microbiome in humans, in addition to investigating the use of decedent skin in predicting antemortem geographies and the influence of epinecrotic microbes on necrophagous insects. 


Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, and master’s degrees in biological oceanography and forensic microbiology. She is a certified yoga instructor and loves to be active outdoors. She also enjoys spending her free time doing puzzles, playing video games, and reading. 

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