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Shannon-Janean Currie


Shannon-Janean Currie, a vice president at BSG, has over a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 corporations, institutions, nonprofits, and emerging businesses. Her unique perspective and creative approach to research, combined with her commitment to community advocacy and mentorship, have made her an invaluable partner for organizations striving to drive positive change in their communities. 

At BSG, Shannon specializes in research and messaging to minority audiences and disenfranchised communities, using both quantitative and qualitative research to help clients connect with, persuade, and activate their target audiences. Her research portfolio includes groundbreaking studies on the state of Black America and criminal justice reform, as well as partnerships with high-profile organizations striving to promote counter-polarization and uplift communities including the ACLU,, The Joyce Foundation, The National Urban League, StoryCorps, and the Walton Family Foundation, to conduct internal and public-facing research aimed at better understanding the needs of the communities they serve.


Shannon's work as a pollster and consultant is informed by her commitment to community service, advocacy, and mentorship, which she believes are crucial components of any effort to promote social change. Her strengths lie in her ability to merge her personal commitment to social justice with her ability to identify compelling and actionable insights and strategies for the organizations and causes she is most passionate about. In addition to her work at BSG, Shannon is a nationally recognized leader and chapter president within the National Urban League movement, and has served as a trusted advisor to organizations striving to better understand and serve the needs of the communities they work with. 


She has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Maryland and a master's degree in Corporate Communication and Public Relations from New York University. Shannon lives in Harlem, New York and is committed to using her skills and expertise to promote equity and justice in all aspects of society.


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