"BSG gives you the research and insights necessary for long‐term planning, short‐term adjustments to issues management and an overall framework for creative, proactive messaging. They have the experience and perspective to give you valuable, competitive knowledge about how customers really think. Simply put, they are an essential part of the team."

- Julie Hamp, Chief Communications Officer

"Joel and his team gave us so much more than reliable numbers. They gave us invaluable strategic analysis and communications advice, without which Obama might not be in the White House today."

- David Axelrod, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama

"They bring a fresh viewpoint to their research, constantly testing assumptions and seeking out new perspectives that enable us to clearly articulate our brand in ways that better connect with our core audiences."

- Hans Wybenga, Vice President Consumer and Brand Insights

"I must recognize that my success would not have been possible without the polling and strategy developed by Pete Brodnitz and the great team at Benenson Strategy Group."

- Danilo Medina, President, Dominican Republic

"Benenson Strategy Group has been a trusted strategic research partner for many years. For a range of corporate reputation challenges and brand rebuilding assignments, they have consistently provided the best and most actionable intelligence."

- Michael Gross, Partner and President

"Benenson Strategy Group relentlessly searches for insights that other research firms miss. Somehow they solve the mystery of why and how people think and act. And that makes all the difference in creating successful campaigns."

- Rob Shepardson, Partner

"Whether it has been a marketing challenge or a tough issue facing c-suite executives, I’ve seen Benenson Strategy Group deliver the deeper insights along with clear, compelling and winning messaging strategies. Add to that the fact that Benenson Strategy Group are team players and that’s what makes the firm an excellent partner for your business."

- Sean Connolly, CEO