Built to Win Solutions

Built to Win is BSG’s unique market-tested solution set honed to create and sustain winning strategies in hard-fought corporate, political and advocacy battles.

The BSG Strategy RoadmapSM gives you the instant intelligence to win in your market. It distinguishes the few things that matter from the many things that won’t make a difference in driving your success.

In the time it takes most research and strategy firms to draft a survey, BSG will complete an integrated review of your current market position relative to your competition, to identify:

  • The audiences that matter
  • Blind spots and opportunities
  • Essential points of focus (your short list)

The Win Strategy is your marketing and communications playbook. It details the audiences you need to win and the messages you can use to uniquely position your brand and both inoculate against and undermine your competitors.

The Win Strategy focuses you on what’s significant, enabling you to optimize marketing and sales campaign execution across all touchpoints. Win Strategy identifies your:

  • Consumer topography
  • Competitive advantages and vulnerabilities
  • Winning brand characteristics
  • Vital brand metrics

BSG’s Values-Based Segmentation clarifies the consumer landscape by focusing on the underlying values that drive choice.

Our unique approach to segmentation brings fully customized, actionable, meaningful clarity to your view of the marketplace and the customers you can win by providing:

  • A forward-looking values and attitudes-based segmentation
  • Deep understanding of your audience’s mindsets
  • 360-degree persona development
  • Clarity on the underlying barriers and needs of your targets

BSG’s Values-Based MessagingSM arms you with the language to reframe consumer choice so that your brand is the only answer. By calibrating language to connect with consumers' deeper values and emotions, we provide an entirely new way to communicate with your consumers consistently across all your channels.

BSG’s Values-Based Messaging solution gives you:

  • A comprehensive and cohesive messaging architecture
  • A new vocabulary that will attract and engage customers and undermine your competitors

Scenario Testing simulates the news environment and games out a variety of different scenarios to identify how to navigate the most urgent challenges. Scenario Testing predicts the likeliest outcome to each of your strategic choices so you can identify which moves you closest to your objective. 

This solution clarifies the options and outcomes ahead of you, with a precise map of the risks and ramifications of different messaging choices. Scenario testing provides you with:

  • A view of the current consumer sentiment and underlying attitudes 
  • A robust assessment of scenarios and their impact
  • A strategic and tactical communications plan

BSG’s Brand Monitor scouts your brand performance against an ever-changing market to help you identify risks and seize opportunity faster and with greater conviction than your competitors.

This battle-tested, forward-looking solution combines micro and macro listening to give you:

  • A consistent finger on the pulse of what consumers think about your brand using their own words
  • Relevant insights, trends, gaps, and opportunities based on quantitative research and social listening

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