Benenson Strategy Group is a strategic research consultancy that pushes beyond insights to drive action and help our clients get the results they're after. We create history-making winning strategies in the political and corporate arenas, empowering our clients to focus on what’s critical to their success, build powerful connections with the people that matter most and stay ahead of the curve. 


Our unique approach to building winning strategies focuses on understanding the deeply-held and sometimes conflicting values that are the drivers of consumer choice and change. We combine our language expertise with innovative research techniques to challenge assumptions, seek new perspectives and uncover what we call the Hidden Architecture of Opinion.

Our Team

Benenson Strategy Group is a blend of researchers, problem framers, message developers, and communication strategists. We come from the worlds of journalism, politics, advertising, marketing, consulting, research and the social sciences. Our curiosity, passion and integrity means we never stop digging in our relentless pursuit of the right answer.

Global Reach

We understand the human behaviors and attitudes across every cultural, economic and political region in the world. BSG applies its global research expertise in countries around the world leveraging worldwide network connections to ensure local nuances are integrated into each project.

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