Danny Franklin

Managing Partner

Danny Franklin is Managing Partner at Benenson Strategy Group. An expert in the practice of building and maintaining trust, Danny brings over two decades of strategic communications experience to the table. He has developed practice specialties in corporate reputation across multiple industries, including media and entertainment, finance and food. With clients across the political, advocacy and corporate sectors, Danny has helped some of the best-known brands in the world develop research-driven strategies that enable them to navigate their most demanding communications and competitive challenges.

In the political sector, Danny managed the firm’s work for President Barack Obama, helping to develop the messaging research strategy for both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns. He was also the lead pollster for NJ Senator Cory Booker and has led BSG’s work on dozens of Senate, Congressional and independent expenditure campaigns across the country.

In the corporate sector, Danny specializes in building and maintaining trust among consumers and influencers, providing strategic consulting to some of the largest and most respected corporations in the U.S., including Bank of America, NBC News, McDonald’s, the NFL, Walmart, Hershey’s, Purina and Les Schwab.

For advocacy and nonprofit clients, Danny brings combined communications and policy expertise to provide winning strategies for clients including the ACLU, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, SEIU, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts, the American Jewish World Service and Share Our Strength.

Formerly an award-winning journalist, Danny has contributed to Time magazine, the Washington Post, USA Today, Slate, Mother Jones and The American Prospect. He was also previously an editor at the Washington Monthly.

Danny sits on the board of the Fortune Society, an organization dedicated to supporting successful reentry from prison and promoting alternatives to incarceration to strengthen the fabric of our communities.

Danny Franklin in the News

•  Danny Franklin's op-ed in The Washington Post:

Messaging matters in every political issue. On the issue of guns and violence, its importance is measured in lives saved or lives lost. The last year has shown conclusively that from a messaging perspective, progressives are losing the gun debate. By reframing the debate, it is possible to choose a winning message and make Americans safer.

•  Esquire: 13 Things That Define the New American Center:

An exclusive Esquire-NBC News survey shows us that everything we are told about politics in America today—that there is no middle ground between left and right, blue and red, us and them—is wrong. The data, compiled by the Benenson Strategy Group (pollster for Obama for America '08 and '12) and Neil Newhouse of Public Opinion Strategies (lead pollster for Romney for President), show us there is a large group of American voters—even a majority—who make up a New American Center that is passionate, persuadable, and very real. They are merely waiting for Washington to find them.

•  NBC: The New American Center: Why our nation isn't as divided as we think

Such data provide the richest and most useful portrait available of the modern political mind, complete with hidden affinities primed to sway elections in 2014, 2016 and beyond. “All you hear in Washington is that there’s nothing in the middle of the aisle,” said Daniel Franklin, a principal at the Benenson Strategy Group and Obama’s pollster during the 2012 campaigns. “But it turns out that’s not true. We have a massive American center, and it’s probably been there for years, just waiting to be found.” 

•  Danny Franklin discusses BSG's New American Center survey on MSNBC: