Business Challenge
Hertz, the nation’s largest car rental company by sales, has a loyal customer base that consists largely of business travelers. Confronted with changes in consumer and market preferences, Hertz tasked BSG with a complex challenge: To identify a universe of non-car renters who could be persuaded to become customers and find the optimal message(s) to win them over.

While Hertz’s plan was ambitious, BSG’s unique background in political polling — where to win you need to pinpoint and persuade small clusters of undecided “consumers”— proved a perfect match for the task at hand.

  • Our custom research program consisted of a national survey of self-identified non-car renters.
  • Research focused on identifying target consumers through a battery of values, attitudinal and lifestyle questions, centered on latent needs or aspirations, rather than focusing our inquiry on car rental scenarios.
  • Further, BSG tested a variety of messages with the goal of honing in on the types of emotional connections Hertz would have to make with these target consumers. 
  • We profiled who the target consumer was and developed a communication strategy that tapped into their deep-rooted values to deliver the right combination of content and offer.

Hertz incorporated BSG’s recommendations into its 2013 domestic growth plans. That same year, the company reported a $1.1 billion increase in US revenues.