Business Challenge
While the Campbell Soup Company has been one of the most trusted and recognizable brands in the world for over a century, it did not have a product line tailored for a key segment of female consumers. In light of this opportunity and changes in consumer preferences, Campbell’s understood it had to add a product line to its portfolio that emphasized all-natural ingredients and plan for a fierce competitive battle.

Building on the legacy of a five-year partnership, Campbell’s brought in BSG to help lead its strategic research and marketing communications initiative. Coming from the competitive world of politics, BSG’s consultants understood that Campbell’s launch of its Select Harvest line would result in an all-out brand war. To win, Campbell’s would have to tap into the hearts and minds of its target audience and offer a compelling reason to abandon the competition and embrace a new product.

  • Devise a Value Proposition & Positioning. BSG conducted a series of focus groups among target consumers, including loyalists of the competition, to understand their buying decisions and optimize Campbell’s positioning strategy.
  • Formulate a Compelling Message. BSG worked closely with Campbell’s, its advertising agency, and design teams to formulate and test messaging strategies.
  • A Competitive Communications Plan. Together with Campbell’s advertising team, BSG created a proactive communications plan to inoculate Select Harvest in the event of an attack from the competition and frame the purchasing decision in its terms in the marketplace.

Our forward-thinking communication strategy struck a chord with consumers and successfully protected Campbell’s from attacks. Campbell’s Select Harvest achieved record sales of $202 million in its first year—the most successful product launch in its 145-year history. By testing rival messages, product strengths, vulnerabilities, and responses, Campbell’s knew exactly what to say and how to say it when it was attacked during one of its most intense brand battles.