Whether you’re an underdog or industry leader, challenger or incumbent, you need to frame the central question for consumers in a way that makes your answer the only answer.

At Benenson Strategy Group, we know how to win when the stakes are highest. Using innovative research techniques, we evaluate your competition and find your messaging sweet spot, whether you face one competitor or several.

Understanding the real drivers of choice and change, we are able to reframe the competitive field in your favor, making it easier for your audience to agree with your proposition.

We deliver:

  • A Competitive Landscape Map to uncover and understand your true source of competitive advantage
  • Comparative Advantage Assessments, which give you a road map of comparative advantages and disadvantages vs. your competitors
  • Battlefield Message Testing to tell you what’s working and why and what isn’t and how to fix it
  • Dynamic Scenario Simulation, which yields forward-looking forecasting of communications or competitive challenges