"Whether it has been a marketing challenge or a tough issue facing c-suite executives, I’ve seen Benenson Strategy Group deliver the deeper insights along with clear, compelling and winning messaging strategies. Add to that the fact that Benenson Strategy Group are team players and that’s what makes the firm an excellent partner for your business."

- Sean Connolly, CEO

Our Insights

Delivered To You

Leading brands call us when they need strategies to connect, compete, and convince. We have helped leaders in nearly every sector and across six continents make their case and win when it matters most.

  • Brand Battles. You're an industry leader trying to defend your position, an emerging brand making inroads, or a disruptor shaking up the marketplace and need a strategy to win.
  • Issues & Crisis Management. An unforeseen crisis is threatening your reputation or you need to plan ahead to protect yourself in the event issues arise.
  • Product Launches. You're launching a new product and need to hone in on your strongest selling points and how to differentiate yourself against competitors in an increasingly cluttered and competitive marketplace.
  • Corporate & Employee Communications. We help you speak with your stakeholders to drive performance and engagement. 
  • Messaging Optimization. You need fresh language and a new way to tell your brand story and connect with your audience.
  • Policies & Regulations. Regulations are hindering growth and you need to make your case. BSG has unparalleled expertise on the intersection of public policy, public opinion, and the private sector.
  • Multicultural Audiences. You need to tell your story in a manner that is consistent with your brand while resonating with diverse cultures and audiences.  


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