"Whether it has been a marketing challenge or a tough issue facing c-suite executives, I’ve seen Benenson Strategy Group deliver the deeper insights along with clear, compelling and winning messaging strategies. Add to that the fact that Benenson Strategy Group are team players and that’s what makes the firm an excellent partner for your business."

- Sean Connolly, CEO

Our Insights

Delivered To You

Campaigning successfully for a cause means connecting with your audience so powerfully that your message moves them to act. Heads nodding in agreement is not enough. You need people to mobilize—whether it’s turning up at the voting booth, signing a petition, or donating to a cause. That’s what we do.

Benenson Strategy Group works with leading advocacy and nonprofit institutions to evaluate public opinion to create strategies that lead to action. We identify and resolve conflicting values among your target audience, and we isolate intensely held values that shape how people make choices.

When you work with Benenson Strategy Group, you get values-based strategies that engage the real drivers of choice and change.

  • The Hidden Architecture of OpinionSM, which provides real insight into the deep-seated and often conflicting values that your audience wrestles with when faced with a decision
  • Competitive FrameworkingSM, which gives you a road map of the competitive landscape
  • Effective messaging that goes beyond “just words” to provide the strategic pillars underpinning your communications strategy
  • A clear understanding of why your messages work and connect with your audiences—or why they don’t and how to fix them