"BSG gives you the research and insights necessary for long‐term planning, short‐term adjustments to issues management and an overall framework for creative, proactive messaging. They have the experience and perspective to give you valuable, competitive knowledge about how customers really think. Simply put, they are an essential part of the team."

- Julie Hamp, Chief Communications Officer

Our Insights

Delivered To You

Benenson Strategy Group is the most trusted partner of world leaders who need to win. We have advised, conducted strategic research, and developed winning campaigns for eleven heads of state, including President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia, President Danilo Medina of the Dominican Republic, and former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

We bring an external perspective, cultural sensitivity (we work closely with local partners), and a formidable array of sophisticated research techniques that deliver access to the real drivers of choice and change. We work with world leaders to address challenges as varied as coups, terror attacks, martial law, natural disasters, politically motivated prosecution, and economic hardship.

When you work with Benenson Strategy Group, you get values-based strategies that engage the real drivers of choice and change.

  • The Hidden Architecture of OpinionSM, which provides real insight into the deep-seated and often conflicting values that your audience wrestles with when faced with a decision
  • Competitive FrameworkingSM, which gives you a road map of the competitive landscape
  • Effective messaging that goes beyond “just words” to provide the strategic pillars underpinning your communications strategy
  • A clear understanding of why your messages work and connect with your audiences—or why they don’t and how to fix them