"Benenson Strategy Group relentlessly searches for insights that other research firms miss. Somehow they solve the mystery of why and how people think and act. And that makes all the difference in creating successful campaigns."

- Rob Shepardson, Partner

Our Insights

Delivered To You

Second place just isn’t good enough in politics. When you need to connect, compete, and win, you need Benenson Strategy Group in your corner.

That’s why many of America’s elected leaders, including President Barack Obama, Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Congressman Joe Garcia of Florida, and former Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco turn to us as their partner of choice.

We use innovative research techniques to map your competitive landscape and develop messages that beat the competition. We perform head-to-head communications tests to find out what is working and why as well as what is not and how to fix it. And we use Dynamic Scenario Simulation to forecast and prepare for communications or competitive challenges you may face in the future.

When you engage Benenson Strategy Group, you get values-based strategies that engage the real drivers of choice and change.

  • The Hidden Architecture of OpinionSM, which provides real insight into the deep-seated and often conflicting values that your audience wrestles with when faced with a decision
  • Competitive FrameworkingSM, which gives you a road map of the competitive landscape
  • Effective messaging that goes beyond “just words” to provide the strategic pillars underpinning your communications strategy
  • A clear understanding of why your messages work and connect with your audiences—or why they don’t and how to fix them