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Zack Harris


Zack Harris is a director at BSG, based out of the Los Angeles office. Zack helps political and corporate clients design research and communication strategies that help them win -- at the ballot box or with customers. 


Since joining BSG as an intern in the Washington DC Office before moving to Los Angeles in 2016, Zack has worked on political campaigns at all levels from state and local, to Congressional, Senatorial and Presidential campaigns. Since 2017, he has worked with grassroots organizations to pass ballot initiatives expanding Medicaid in four red states (Utah, Nebraska, Maine and Idaho). In 2018, Zack was part of the team that helped Harley Rouda win in California’s 48th Congressional District,  flipping the seat for Democrats. Zack has also worked with organizations such as AARP and EMILY’s List on issue campaigns and membership relations.


Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, he’s an avid Bulls, Bears, Cubs and Blackhawks fan. In 2010, Kanye West presented Zack with the Dr. Donda West Loop Dreamer Award for his work with Chicago Public Schools to improve grades, attendance and behavior at schools around the city.  He received his B.A. from The George Washington University with a major in Political Science and minor in business administration.

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