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The Impact and Importance of the Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is helping close the digital divide in America by supporting internet access for over 22 million households. Based on a national survey of ACP Participants conducted by Benenson Strategy Group in collaboration with Comcast, the program is helping people realize the full benefits of the internet – telehealth access, educational resources, increased economic mobility, and improved social connections. 


The survey found that people are also concerned about what will happen if the program no longer exists. Across demographics – including military families, seniors, rural Americans, and parents – there is widespread concern that loss of the ACP would mean job losses and losing access to health care. If they lose ACP eligibility:

  • 65% of ACP Participants fear losing their job or their household’s primary source of income.

  • 75% of ACP Participants fear losing access to important healthcare services, like online appointments or prescription medicine refills.

  • 81% of ACP parents worry about their children falling behind in school.

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