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Join the MREF and BSG in Battling Food Insecurity

The Market Research Education Foundation (MREF) is the research industry’s collective philanthropic organization dedicated to enhancing the educational opportunities for children worldwide who don’t have access to a quality education. Raising over $200K in their current campaign year to distribute to its grantees, the MREF is impacting children’s lives around the world.

Since education is one of the most influential elements for bringing positive and lasting change in the world, supporting the MREF became a priority for BSG. To that end, two years ago, Benenson Strategy Group became a Diamond Sponsor of MREF and our Co-Founder/COO was named to the Board of Directors.

Never has the mission of the MREF felt truer than now. As the world goes through the COVID-19 pandemic together, it takes a collective effort to make a difference. The MREF has always relied on the strong bonds between members of the research industry to mobilize efforts and make a difference – and they are once again counting on us to help in this urgent time.

The MREF has launched a campaign to raise $75,000 collectively to help families who are facing food insecurity due to the coronavirus. All money raised will be going directly to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund and Food Banks Canada. These organizations support food banks, pantries and school meal programs throughout North America.

With our offices closed around the country, the Benenson Strategy Group has committed to give its monthly budget for in office snacks, coffee and supplies to this important campaign. Our CEO, Joel Benenson is personally matching BSG’s donation. With over $50K raised, we ask you to join us in supporting this campaign.


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