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"You've built a great organization and the level of analysis your folks bring is head and shoulders above other firms we've worked with in the past."

Changing MINDS. Shaping EVENTS.

The Benenson Strategy Group is a global strategic research and consulting firm known for its energetic, agile and analytically aggressive approach. Our work reveals the hidden architecture of opinion and provides real-time insights that we use to design WINNING STRATEGIES and tactics for our clients. With BSG, events don't shape you; you shape events.

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The 2008 CampaignObama Campaign

Situation:In January 2007, a little-known junior Senator Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States, embarking on what would be the longest Presidential campaign in history.Read More
Campbell Soup Company

Situation: In 2008, the Campbell Soup Company was about to re-launch its Select Harvest product line, with intention of directly competing with Progresso. Read More

Situation:After their 2009/2010 recall announcements, Toyota was facing one of the most severe corporate crises in history, and was in danger of damaging its brand reputation beyond repair.Read More
President Danilo Medina, Dominican Republic
Situation:One year before the 2012 election, polls showed then-Vice President Medina and the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) trailing by double-digits and an electorate strongly favoring change after eight years of PLD rule.Read More
ToyotaSenator Jeff Merkley

Situation:When Jeff Merkley entered the 2008 race for U.S. Senate to face incumbent Senator Gordon Smith, he first had to win a Democratic primary.Read More
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