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Mike Kulisheck, PhD


Mike Kulisheck is a researcher and pollster with two decades of experience designing and implementing innovative research projects that drive impactful messaging and communication strategies for corporate and political clients across the globe.  

As SVP of Research at Benenson Strategy Group, Mike is a trusted advisor for the firm’s clients and research teams, guiding them through public opinion research strategies, methodologies, and analysis.  

Throughout his career, Mike has worked at the intersection of opinion research and communications. His expertise lies in using multi-modal and hybrid research methodologies to uncover not just what people think, but also how and why they form their beliefs. He excels at helping clients find the words, phrases, and messages that resonate with their target audiences, ultimately influencing behavior and driving results.

Mike collaborates with corporate clients across various industries, conducting market research studies focused on messaging, brand positioning, and communication strategies. His work spans diverse sectors such as policy, politics, election campaigns, gig economy, finance, QSR, tech, foundations, and telecom.

In politics, Mike has provided research and strategic advice for high-profile political campaigns, including President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, and in races for U.S. senate, governor, and referenda campaigns. Mike has also provided strategic consulting for political clients in Argentina, Mexico, Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania, and Ukraine.

Mike Kulisheck holds a Ph.D., was a Fulbright Scholar in Venezuela, and is fluent in Spanish.

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