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Mike Kulisheck, PhD


Mike Kulisheck, PhD is an expert and trusted advisor for BSG clients navigating the research process. He makes sure market research and polling is done right without slowing down timelines.


Mike is both a high-level thought partner as well as a soup-to-nuts resource for clients and research teams. He helps BSG teams design creative research projects using multi-modal and hybrid methodologies that test hypotheses, evaluate preferences, and fine tune insights.  


As a market researcher and pollster, he advises on:

  • Research design

  • Methodology and sampling

  • Questionnaire development

  • Fieldwork and data collection

  • Weighting and data processing

  • Plans for analysis and presentation.   


At BSG, Mike also directs and manages the fieldwork team that includes programmers, data processors, statisticians, and fieldwork specialists.  


Mike has worked with corporate clients across issues and industries.  He’s conducted hundreds of studies with consumers as well as elite and niche audiences, including brand tracking, creative testing, and large-scale global trackers.  He has been a pollster for presidents, prime ministers, and political campaigns in the U.S. and abroad, including all of President Obama’s campaigns. 

Mike has a Ph.D., was a Fulbright Scholar in Venezuela, and is fluent in Spanish.

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