From the war room to the board room, Benenson Strategy Group utilizes its Built To Win Solutions to ensure you are equipped to optimize your investments around what matters, answer the tough questions as they arise and continuously monitor and mitigate the risks of change happening around you.

How We Help

Build Your Roadmap to a Superior
Position in the Marketplace
Knowing where you are and where you need to be is the first step to a winning strategy. So why fall back on assumptions and biases when you can quickly obtain a pure and extensive view of the landscape?

Get a clear, immediate read
with the BSG Strategy Roadmap

Create a Winning Marketing
and Communications Playbook
Having a strong playbook means always knowing what to prioritize and how to drive performance. Remove the guesswork and stay focused on what really matters with your keys to success always at hand.

Develop your blueprint with BSG’s Win Strategy

Segment and Target Your Audience Based on the Underlying Values that Drive Choice A deep understanding of your audience is crucial. But most segmentations focus on behaviors rather than values and attitudes. How do you buck convention to gain clarity into the marketplace and figure out which audiences you can win?

Discover the difference Values-Based
Segmentation can make

Craft Messaging That Ensures
Your Brand is the Only Answer
Most messages fail to resonate with their intended audience. In an era of messaging skepticism and overload, how do you create communications that connects with audiences and undermines your competition?

Learn how Values-Based Messaging
can help set you apart

Game Plan for the Optimal Result
in Every Scenario
How you frame and message at the most crucial times can have a considerable impact on your success. So why guess what will resonate and win with your audience, when you can know?

Confidently make your next move
with BSG’s Scenario Testing

Proactively Monitor Your Brand
to Keep Your Finger on the Pulse
Change is constant. But few brands understand what change is happening and why in order to identify risks and seize opportunity faster and with greater conviction than competitors.

Know today to make the right moves
tomorrow with BSG’s Brand Monitor

Our Approach

We push beyond insights to drive actions that get the results you're after.

Work From The
Inside Out

  • Do opposition research on yourself:
  • Assess the competitive environment
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Ask 'why' (the 'why' in the data is more important than the 'what')
  • Discover potential vulnerabilities

Uncover the Hidden Architecture of Opinion

  • Rigorous testing to:
  • ID the intensely held essential values and attitudes
  • Resolve conflicting values and attitudes
  • Isolate the values and attitudes that shape their decision frame
  • Create the strategy (and language) that connects with them


  • Identify the competition and plot where you stand in relation to where your competitors stand:
  • Comparative advantages vs. comparative disadvantages
  • Play to your strengths, inoculate against your weaknesses
  • Define winning on your terms

Strategies That
Get Results

  • Turn insights into game changing strategies to:
  • Define what 'winning' looks like
  • Control the context
  • Set or raise the stakes
  • Frame the essential question so that your brand is the only answer.

Core Techniques

  • Ethno-Journaling
  • Values-Based Segmentation
  • Landscaping Polls
  • Framing Polls
  • Iterative Message Testing
  • Attack-Response
  • War Gaming
  • Fault Line Analysis
  • Issue Polls

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