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DIY Research
(with a little help from the experts)

DIY research is an invaluable part of an organization’s insight toolbox. It’s a fast, flexible, and affordable way to get the data teams need.

But without research experts steering the ship, how do you ensure the insights are accurate, meaningful, and reliable? 

BSG’s On Demand Senior Research Advisor is your whenever you want, always-on resource to advise on all facets of your DIY research program – from design to delivery. It’s an integrated expert to supercharge your DIY, without sacrificing the speed of DIY. 

BSGs Senior Research Advisor solves the problems that cannibalize DIY research:

  • Misaligned research plan and analytical expectations

  • Inappropriate methodological choices

  • Unclear and imprecise survey questions

  • Incorrect question order

  • Flawed sampling and targeting strategy

  • Poor response rates and audience engagement

  • Flat deliverables

What You Get

A dedicated expert, integrated at all levels, with experience across thousands of market research projects to:

Advise on all research

plans and projects

Collaborate with teams throughout
the research process

Provide best practices around methodology, design, questionnaires, and data

Tackle on-off questions around everything from testing hypotheses to banner plan strategy

I’ve run thousands of market research and polling projects across clients,
industries, and methodologies. 

I know the cost of mistakes in terms of time, insights, and money. Most importantly, I know where mistakes are made and how they can be avoided.

I apply best practices at each step in the research process to ensure projects deliver useful results while meeting tight timelines.

Mike Kulisheck, PhD - Senior Research Advisor

Get the most out of your DIY research

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