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DIY research is a valuable tool in organizations’ insights toolbox. Running projects internally using DIY platforms like Qualtrics and Zappi provides a fast, flexible, and affordable way to get the data teams need to make decisions.

But without research experts steering the ship, how can you be confident that your data and insights are reliable?

BSG’s On Demand Senior Research Advisor provides the expertise you need, without sacrificing the speed and cost of DIY


Data-driven decisions are only as good as the data behind them. For consumers of DIY research, the risks are the mistakes you know about and catch, plus the oversights that go undetected until it is too late. The consequences of research problems are wasted time, missed opportunities, muddied reputations, and lost revenue.

Examples of research errors
and oversights

Consequences of
research mistakes

Flawed research designs
Imprecise audience definitions
Measurement bias
Poorly worded questions and response categories/scales
Data weighting mistakes
Don’t get the insights you need
Not talking to the right people
Numbers don't mean what you think
Respondents not answering the question
you wanted to ask
Data are not representative


BSG’s On Demand Senior Research Advisor is your whenever you want, always-on resource to advise on all facets of your DIY research program – from design to delivery.

Working with your teams as they run DIY projects, BSG’s Senior Research Advisors provide confidence that research is done right and that insights are valid.

Advise on all research

plans and projects

Collaborate with teams throughout
the research process

Provide best practices around methodology, design, questionnaires, and data

Tackle on-off questions around everything from testing hypotheses to banner plan strategy

I know the cost of research mistakes in terms of time, insights, and money. Most importantly, I know where mistakes are made and how they can be avoided.

I apply best practices at each step in the research process to ensure projects are done right and meet timelines, data are reliable, and insights are valid.

Mike Kulisheck, PhD has years of experience designing, implementing, and analyzing thousands of innovative research projects for corporate and political clients in the U.S. and around the world. 

As SVP of Research at BSG, Mike is a trusted research advisor for clients and internal teams navigating the research process. 


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